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  • Active Method Physical Therapy
  • Active Method Physical Therapy
  • Active Method Physical Therapy
  • Active Method Physical Therapy
  • Active Method Physical Therapy



    Our staff is passionate about utilizing the most current physical therapy techniques to provide the best care for our clients. Our goal is to return them to their prior level of function or better following an injury, fall, or surgery. After a thorough initial evaluation your physical therapist will consider your past medical history and create a personalized treatment program. Treatment programs may include techniques such as therapeutic exercises, core strengthening, manual therapy, pain and swelling management, or neuromuscular re-education to improve your condition.

    Manual Therapy

    Therapists utilize a hands on approach when necessary to address muscle and other soft tissue pain, joint stiffness, posture and to optimize movement and function. Therapists may also use tools like MFD, STM, Joint Mob, IASTM, METs, SNAGs/NAGs, Manual stretching, PNF, Kinesiology taping.

    Chronic Pain Management

    Teaching functional strengthening and mobility exercises, patient education, relaxation techniques, etc. Our therapists look to the Explain Pain resource to help those dealing with chronic pain better understand and manage their pain.

    Sport Specific Treatment

    We want you to continue doing the things you love. Our therapists develop targeted treatment plans that prepare you for the specific physical demands of your sport or activity. As athletes themselves, our providers are familiar with the drive to compete and keeping you in the game is a priority for them.


    At Active Method we believe in being proactive about your health care and encourage our clients to utilize preventative screening to avoid injury before symptoms occur.

    Corporate Wellness

    Physical Therapy In-Service: We will bring a therapy team to your office to consult with your employees. Curriculum will include importance of stretching, strength, posture, ergonomic awareness. We will outline principles of ergonomic awareness and postural correction within a 1 hour presentation. 30 min after the initial presentation will be set aside for program demonstration and questions.

    Functional Movement Screening

    Stay ahead of the game and make moves to correct any less than optimal movement patterns. Schedule a Functional Movement Screen today!

    Fall Risk Assessment

    Our therapists have various fall screening tests to determine a client’s risk to experience a fall. By creating a home exercise program to address balance and lower extremity strength deficits, we hope to eliminate or decrease that rick dramatically. Assistive device recommendations and fittings are also available when necessary.